Warming Up Your Engine Before Hitting the Road

Warming Up Your Engine Before Hitting the Road

Should I warm up my car’s engine before hitting the road?

You’ve decided to take the kids to see the Wild Lights at the zoo as a Thanksgiving Eve treat. And, considering the dropping temperature, you’re not sure whether to warm your car up in advance or simply to start up and head off to the zoo.

Whether to warm up your engine is a highly debated topic, according to livenowfox.com. The final answer seems to land in the maybe pile. So, the experts at Tracy’s Tire Pros and Automotive explore the benefits of both.

Warming up for a short time has benefits and downsides.

Warming up your car’s engine was necessary in pre-1990s vehicles. But as carburetors were phased out, it became unnecessary, jdpower.com says. You won’t damage your car by hopping in and starting off. But, at the same time, warming up your car provides some benefits.

One benefit to warming up the engine is speeding up the engine lubrication process, which can take a mere 20 or 30 seconds. However, jdpower.com says warming up can allow your engine to last longer if you are diligent about maintenance.  Also, warming up allows you to defrost the windshield before driving.

The downside, jdpower.com says, is a waste of gas. Therefore, Jdpower.com concludes there is no real benefit to warming your car up any longer than it takes to defrost the windshield.

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