Car Heater Isn't Working | Car Heater Is Broken Wichita

Car Heater Isn't Working | Car Heater Is Broken Wichita

A car heater that works is more than a matter of warmth and comfort on cold, frosty days.

You and the kids bundled up against the freezing temperatures. And then you piled into the car to visit the Holly Jolly Jurassic light show at field stationBut you didn’t get very far. Because, your heater was not working. So, you turned for home to get the heater fixed before visiting the dinosaurs.

“Driving in the winter without working heat is beyond unpleasant. But, luckily, there are only a handful of reasons why your heat wouldn’t be working. Therefore, narrowing the problem down isn’t particularly complicated, says.

The most common reason for a car heater to fail is a broken thermostat.

The thermostat watches over the temperature of the coolant or antifreeze in the system. For example, if the coolant is hot enough, the thermostat allows the heat into the car. And, if the coolant is not hot enough, the thermostat keeps the system closed. Therefore, low antifreeze or coolant is a common reason for a heater to fail. Also, damaged wiring or gauges are other common culprit.

An air lock can cause mayhem in your cooling system.

A less common cause for a car heater to fail is an air lock. An air lock is a bubble trapped in the cooling system. explains that an air lock blocks the open flow of coolant through the engine. And, it can cause overheating, leaks, blown gaskets, and other problems. Given that, you also need to worry how the air lock got into the system. Because, it may mean there is a leak that let the air in. And, if the air lock remains long enough, it can become a large blockage. says a large blockage can create “all kinds of serious problems.”  So, if you have a blockage, get it fixed asap. 

Other problems could arise from a defective blower motor, or a bad heater core can also cause a car heater to fail. 

If you don’t have a local mechanic you can trust, you need to meet the car heater team at Tracy’s Automotive.

It is important to get a car heater working again. Not only because, the heater provides comfort to passengers. But it also provides safety because it helps clear the windshield so the driver can see.

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