It's Cold, Should I Under-Inflate My Tires? | Tires

It's Cold, Should I Under-Inflate My Tires? | Tires

Is under-inflating my tires in cold weather a good idea?

After a mild Thanksgiving, Wichita residents are waking up to a weather alert that snow is on its way. The snow is expected to start in the northwest and spread east for Saturday.

“Almost all major highways and interstates around the state will be impacted by the winter system,” Kwch.com says. And, “Wichita is expected to get 2-4 inches. Temperatures will be a mix of 20s and 30s, and there will be some rain mixing with the snow around Wichita before it changes to all snow Saturday evening.” Therefore, drivers are warned to be careful on icy, snowy roads.

The change in temperature begs the question: Should I under-inflate my tires to make road travel safer?

Auto.howstuffworks.com notes many drivers are looking for ways to make driving safer. One tip that is brought up often is to under-inflate your tires. But is that a good idea?

No, it is not a good idea.

Auto.howstuffworks.com explains: The idea is that allowing air out of the tire increases the amount of tire – or contact patch – that touches the road. The greater the contact patch, the better the grip and less likely an accident. That is true until the roads are plowed. At that point, under-inflated tires will provide too much contact and lead to difficult steering.

Under-inflation can also damage tires and wheels.

Instead, find the recommended tire PSI in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Auto.howstuffworks.com says it will also be indicated in the sticker in the car door jamb. That’s the number you should aim for.

If you’re unsure, or want help, you can always get ASE certified advice at Tracy’s Automotive.

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