Your Car's Water Pump Meltdown | Water Pump Wichita

Your Car's Water Pump Meltdown | Water Pump Wichita

Your Car’s Water Pump: The Cooling System Heart

You vehicle’s water pump functions as the heart of the car’s cooling system. It helps coolant to flow from the radiator to the engine. So, if the water pump does not work, the system will overheat and the engine can be destroyed.

Engine overheating has many possible causes: A Cautionary Tale

You were returning home with the kids from the Arctic Adventure at Exploration Place . Suddenly, you noticed that your car’s temperature gauge was approaching the red line. And, this is not the first time it has happened recently. So, you begin to think something major is going on.

Overheating can be the result of a major fault in the cooling system, says. And, a bad water pump, a clog in a hose, or a damaged radiator could all account for a car’s running hot. Furthermore, engine overheating can be the result of a chain reaction of small glitches adding up. Or, overheating can also be caused by oil issue or a blown head gasket.

The water pump gives warning signs if it begins to fail says it is unusual for a water pump to fail without warning signs. And, one of the most obvious is finding puddles of green coolant (antifreeze) underneath the car. Another sign is the car’s temperature gauge registers high. Or, you will hear a grinding noise from the engine. And, explains: “The sound usually occurs from a wobbling pulley that signifies a bad bearing and a pulley doing its part to destroy a fan belt. So, as the engine picks up speed, the sound’s pitch may become higher.” And, finally, steam will come out from under the hood.

A Water pump meltdown can happen quickly, even in winter.

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Like so much involving cars, maintenance is the key to preventing future episodes of overheating. And, that includes using high quality antifreeze, says Other steps include examining hoses and other components.

For help in repairing an overheated car and providing preventive care, see the water pump guys at Tracy’s.

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