Are Used Tires Safe? | Wichita Tires

Are Used Tires Safe? | Wichita Tires

Tracy’s Automotive can help you decide what tires are best for you, your car and your checkbook when you need to replace your tires.

You were getting in the car to take the kids to Pawnee Prairie Park when you noticed that your tires had some bald spots. Not only do they have bald spots, the belting is peeking through in some places. There’s no way around it. You need new tires.

Trouble is, you’re not sure you can afford a set of four new tires. You’re thinking you might get a good deal on some used tires instead.

That’s not a good idea, according to Consumer Reports. In fact, it’s a really bad idea that could jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers.

Don’t buy used tires: you don’t know where they have been or how they’ve been used,” Consumer Reports says. “The tire could have been driven overloaded, underinflated, or to excessively high speed. Any one or a combination of these factors could lead to internal damage not visible from the outside. In short, the used tire could be unsafe.”

Consumer Reports says that tires age over time, which means the rubber degrades, dry rots and is subject to failure. The older the used tire, the less safe. In addition, the tire could have been recalled and you’d never know it because notices are sent to the person who bought the tire new and registered it.

You’re better off with a new tire, even if you get a lower-priced average-grade tire. Those come with warranties and the peace of mind of knowing where the tire came from and how it will be cared for.

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Tracy’s passion for a better tire buying, auto care and auto repair experience drove us to develop the model of Tracy’s Automotive Tire Pros. Tracy’s has turned hard work and inspiration into a booming tire and auto repair provider. Now Tracy’s has three locations and serves customers all over Wichita and Goddard. Tracy’s is thrilled to be a part of your family’s trusted brands for all auto repair and tire needs.

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