It's Cold and My Car Won't Start | Wichita Auto Repair

It's Cold and My Car Won't Start | Wichita Auto Repair

Tracy’s Automotive can help you if your car won’t get going on these cold mornings.

It always seems to happen on the coldest mornings when you’re running late and in the biggest hurry – your car won’t start. Sometimes, you get that click-click-click and sometimes, you get nothing. Your car just sits there. says that can happen for many reasons ranging from problems with your battery or alternator to malfunctions in your fuel system or starter to issues with the type of oil in your car or truck. explains:

Battery: Cold temperatures affect the chemical process inside the battery and reduce its ability to hold a charge.

Alternator: Alternator belts can become cracked in cold temperatures, making it more difficult to power your battery.

“Starter motor: Engine oil becomes thicker in cold weather, which increases friction and makes the starter motor work harder to spin the engine.

Car fuel system: Car fuel systems can become contaminated with water that freezes in cold weather, ice prevents the system from working altogether.

Oil: Oil becomes thicker in cold temperatures, putting strain on your battery.” offers this advice if your car or truck won’t start:

Turn everything off: This includes headlights and radios. Anything that uses electricity uses your battery and will drain it further. It’s good practice to leave your engine running for a while before switching accessories back on.

Press the clutch [if you have a manual transmission] as you turn the ignition: This lightens the load for your battery and makes starting your engine a much easier task.

Check your battery leads: Look under the bonnet for your battery and check for signs of corrosion – usually a salty, crusty substance. This will need to be cleaned. Disconnect your cables (negative first) wearing goggles and gloves, then clean with a toothbrush and a mixture of baking soda and water. When replacing the cables, always connect the negative one first.

Top up your engine oil: Use your dipstick to check your oil level. If things are looking low, top it up. Check your car’s handbook to see what type of oil the manufacturer recommends, and switch to a thinner grade if possible, in winter.”

If your car does start, congratulations. But don’t count on it until you have a reliable Wichita auto repair technician check to see what went wrong so the problem can be fixed before you find yourself stranded again. If your car doesn’t start, then it’s time to immediately contact that trusted Wichita auto repair specialist to get you going again. You can easily find a knowledgeable Wichita auto repair mechanic at Tracy’s Automotive.

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