Car Won't Start | Wichita Auto Care

Car Won't Start | Wichita Auto Care

When it comes time to replace your car battery, see the Wichita auto care experts at Tracy’s Automotive who can help you with that.

There you are, in the Monday morning chill, sitting at the steering wheel of a car that won’t start. It probably doesn’t make you feel any better to know you’re not alone. Thousands of other drivers across the U.S. are also sitting in cold cars with dead batteries.

Batteries tolerate a range of temperatures, but both extreme hot and cold are damaging. The internal process that supplies electricity slows in very cold temperatures, so the starter requires more juice, which can be difficult to supply without a full and strong charge,” according to

“When operating a vehicle in severe winter weather, you’re also dealing with the serious beating your battery took during the summer. Excess heat evaporates electrolytes, and overheating reduces capacity, as well. It’s hard to say which extreme is a greater detractor from battery life, but if it dies in the winter, you feel it a little more.”

You can take steps to keep your battery alive all winter – assuming it hasn’t reached the end of its three to five years of life, that is. First, have it load tested. And take care of your battery by “keeping the terminals clean from corrosion, cables secure and electrolytes topped off. Use synthetic oil, which responds better to cold temperatures, and drive the vehicle regularly and long enough for a solid recharge. Don’t leave electronics plugged in when the engine is off but do connect a trickle charger. This keeps your battery maintained when the engine is off and goes a long way toward averting surprises,” says.

If you need a reliable Wichita auto care technician to test your battery, keep it in good condition, and/or replace it, see the trusted Wichita auto care specialists at Tracy’s Automotive.

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