My Car Isn't Starting | Wichita Auto Care

My Car Isn't Starting | Wichita Auto Care

If your alternator is broken, it’s time to see the Wichita auto care specialists at Tracy’s Automotive.

Every driver has experienced this at least once: You get in your car headed for work, or to see the Wings play, or for some other errand, and your car won’t start. Your immediate thought is that your battery has died.

That certainly might be the cause. But, the real cause might be a bad alternator. The alternator’s job is to, among other things, keep the battery fully charged so your car will start. If it doesn’t do its job, a fully functional battery can die.

An alternator may give you one or more signals that it is going bad.

“It all starts with a few telltale problems: A dash light coming on for a brief moment, maybe dimmed headlights and a few flickering gauges. Perhaps your car even gives off an odd smell, or you hear a growling sound coming from under the hood,” says.

“Is this a case of your auto being possessed? No. Most likely it’s one of many possible alternator problems, and without some attention, the alternator can cause car trouble ranging from slow starts all the way up to a dead car.

What’s the best thing to do if you notice one of these symptoms? Call a trusted Wichita auto care and auto repair technician like the certified Wichita auto care experts at Tracy’s Automotive.

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