What Do I Do If a Tire Blows Out? | Wichita Auto Care

What Do I Do If a Tire Blows Out? | Wichita Auto Care

The best way to avoid a tire blowout is to make sure your tires are properly inflated. If your tires don’t seem right, it’s time to see the Wichita auto care pros at Tracy’s Automotive.

It’s a driver’s nightmare. You’re on a road trip, or simply heading home from the Wichita flea market, when one of your tires blows out. Whether that turns into a tragic situation or simply a scary experience depends on what you do next.

Allstate.com says the best thing you can do is to “press the accelerator for a short instant after the blowout. Because of the drag of the failed tire, even a sports car in high gear will not gain speed. Pushing the accelerator does two things. First, it stabilizes the vehicle in your lane. Second, but just as important, it helps you focus your mind and helps prevent you from turning or braking while trying to remember what to do.”

Failing that, the next best thing, according to Allstate.com is to do nothing. Just drive straight down the lane and let the drag of the tire slow and stop the car.

What you DON’T do is “turn the steering wheel even a little after a blowout or tread separation. This is especially true if you turn away from a failed rear tire. (For example, do not try to get to the right shoulder after a left-rear tire blows.) A slight turn will cause the vehicle to spin out faster,” according to Allstate.com.

In summary, Allstate.com says: “To correctly handle a blowout, keep the wheel straight, wait for the vehicle to slow down and follow the Brits’ advice from 1939: Keep Calm and Carry On.”

What’s even better is to take care of your tires to minimize the possibility of a blowout. According to Allstate.com, that means keeping your tires at the correct pressure and checking them once a month to make sure they stay at the right pressure. Allstate.com adds this advice: “If you notice the tires are not performing as well, are vibrating or are making noise, have them inspected by a professional.

For tire care, tire repair, and new tires you can trust, see the Wichita auto care technicians at Tracy’s Automotive.  

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