When NOT to Use Cruise Control to be Safe on the Road

When NOT to Use Cruise Control to be Safe on the Road

When to Hit the Brakes: Knowing When NOT to Use Your Vehicle’s Cruise Control

Icy roads lead to dangerous Wichita driving conditions. And winter weather conditions continue to affect roads here in Kansas. So, knowing when to use your vehicle’s cruise control and when NOT to, is more important than ever.

Cruise control is a convenient feature in today’s modern vehicles. Because, it allow drivers to maintain a constant speed without continuous accelerator input. But, while this technology enhances comfort and fuel efficiency on long stretches of open road, there are situations where using cruise control can be counterproductive. Or even unsafe. So, in this blog, Tracy’s Tire Pros explore when it’s best to NOT use your vehicle’s cruise control for the sake of safety and overall driving experience.

Adverse Weather Conditions

One of the most important times you should avoid using cruise control is during adverse weather conditions. Because, rain, snow, ice, and even heavy fog can create slippery road surfaces. And this can reduce traction. Furthermore, cruise control may not be able to react as quickly as a human driver to sudden changes in road conditions, increasing the risk of accidents. So in inclement weather, it’s crucial to maintain full control of your vehicle.

Hilly Terrain

Cruise control is not well-suited for navigating hilly or mountainous terrain. And, when driving on steep inclines or declines, the vehicle’s cruise control may struggle to maintain a consistent speed. Also, in some cases, it may downshift abruptly or accelerate excessively, potentially leading to loss of control. So on hilly terrain, it’s best to use manual control. Because this will allow you to better manage the vehicle’s speed and maintain a safe driving experience.

City Driving

Cruise control is designed for use on highways and open roads with relatively predictable traffic patterns. Whereas, in congested city traffic, frequent stops, accelerations, and lane changes are common. Therefore, cruise control in such situations can result in erratic behavior and compromise safety. So, it’s wise to keep cruise control turned off in urban environments, where constant adjustments to speed are necessary.

Construction Zones

Construction zones present a hectic driving environment with rapidly changing speed limits, lane closures, and unpredictable obstacles. Therefore, using cruise control in these areas can hurt your ability to respond quickly to unexpected events. Whereas, manual control allows you to adapt to the evolving conditions. And this ensures the safety of both yourself and construction workers.

Unfamiliar Roads

When driving on unfamiliar roads, it’s essential to stay vigilant and adaptable. Cruise control may not be well-equipped to handle sudden turns, intersections, or unfamiliar traffic patterns. Keeping control in your hands allows you to respond swiftly to unexpected situations, reducing the risk of accidents on unfamiliar routes.


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Cruise Control is Great! But So is Knowing When NOT to Use it.

While cruise control is a valuable tool for enhancing driving comfort and fuel efficiency, it’s important to recognize its limitations and choose the right moments to engage or disengage it. And, by being mindful of these situations, you can enjoy a safer driving experience for yourself and those sharing the road with you. But, if you have any questions about your cruise control, Tracy’s Tire Pros is here for you.

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