Unlock the Best Vehicle Performance with the Right Motor Oil

Unlock the Best Vehicle Performance with the Right Motor Oil

Unlocking Peak Performance: The Impact of Switching to Hot Weather Oil for Your Car This Spring

Though we are still in the grip of winter weather, it won’t be long until the temperatures rise as the days grow longer. And as car owners tune up their vehicles for the summer, one common debate is the idea of switching from winter oil to warm weather oil. But, the question is: Does changing out your car’s oil this spring to a warm weather oil really make a difference?

KWCH Local 12 does a series call “Does It Work” to look at the claims of approaches and products. So, in this vain, the experts at Tracy’s Tire Pros explore the facts involved. And the potential benefits of matching your car’s oil with the season to answer the question: Does It Work?

Understanding Seasonal Motor Oil Differences

Before delving into the potential advantages of switching to warm weather motor oil, it’s crucial to understand the basic differences between various types of motor oils.

  • Winter Motor Oil is designed for colder temperatures. As such, they have lower viscosity that ensures smooth engine starts in freezing conditions.
  • Warm Weather Motor Oil typically has higher viscosity, providing better lubrication and protection at higher temperatures.

Understanding the Benefits of Warm Weather Motor Oil in the Summer

  1. Improved Lubrication: Higher temperatures can cause oil to thin out, reducing its ability to provide sufficient lubrication to engine components. But warm weather oils are made to maintain proper viscosity even in the heat.
  2. Enhanced Engine Performance: Warm weather motor oils are made to handle higher operating temperatures, as well. And by using oil that is designed for higher temperatures, you can help your engine operate more efficiently.
  3. Minimized Wear and Tear: Proper lubrication is essential for minimizing wear and tear on engine components. So, using warm weather oil can contribute to reduced friction, preventing premature wear on critical engine parts. And over time, this can lead to a longer lifespan for your engine and a decrease in the likelihood of costly repairs.

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The Right Oil for the Right Season at Tracy’s Tire Pros

While the idea of changing your car’s oil with the seasons may seem like a subtle adjustment, it can have a meaningful impact on your vehicle’s performance. But, before making the switch, it’s best to consult your vehicle’s manual and seek guidance from a professional mechanic. Because this will ensure that the oil you choose is suitable for your specific car model. Ultimately, investing in the right oil for the season can be a small yet significant step towards unlocking your car’s peak performance this summer.

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