Are Faulty Spark Plugs Failing to Spark Your Engine?

Are Faulty Spark Plugs Failing to Spark Your Engine?

Is trouble starting your car due to faulty Spark Plugs?

Now that it’s the holiday season, you’re beginning to get visits from out-of-town friends and relatives. So, like many around Wichita, you’re playing tourist. Last night, while returning from the Keeper of the Plains “Ring of Fire,” your car had trouble starting and you noticed it pinging while driving. Unfortunately, those are both symptoms that indicate your car’s spark plugs are worn out and need to be replaced.

Understanding spark plugs.

A car’s spark plug is responsible for creating the spark between the engine and the vehicle. They do this by sending a small electrical charge to ignite the air/fuel mixture that joins the two. Therefore, if the spark plug wears out, it no longer sends that spark and the engine doesn’t start.

Simply looking at a worn spark plug could indicate that it needs to be replaced, according to That’s because a worn plug could be black and dirty. Or, it could have cracks and a big gap between its electrode and body. And, it could also be oily.

A worn out spark plug has other symptoms, says. For example, your car could struggle to start. Or, your car may have trouble idling. And, as mentioned above, it could knock, ping, and eat gas. Furthermore, it might have a hard time getting up hills.

The easiest way to replace your spark plugs is to take your car to see the trusted spark plug experts at Tracy’s Automotive.

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