Bad Advice | Maple Street Oil Change

Bad Advice | Maple Street Oil Change

Tracy’s Automotive will help you keep up with your regular oil changes.

You were out on the golf course the other day with some friends when you happened to mention that it’s time you got an oil change. Of course, your friends chimed in with advice including one who was adamant that you don’t need to change your oil regularly.

No offense to your friend, but that’s one of the most common and worst pieces of advice that’s floating around about auto care. Failing to keep up with oil changes is a sure way to shortening the life of your engine and causing potentially catastrophic damage to your car.

“Aside from fuel the most important fluid your vehicle needs is oil. This vital liquid plays a key part in keeping your engine running by lubricating metal parts, such as the pistons, to prevent premature wear. Oil also collects various particles in the engine and features detergents that break up deposits to keep your engine running smoothly,” says.

Failing to change your oil means there won’t be the necessary lubrication to keep your engine running smoothly. You will also see other problems.

“One of the biggest dangers of not changing your oil is sludge buildup. Sludge occurs when old oil begins to gel or solidify in an engine. When sludge begins to build up, oil isn’t able to flow freely through the engine and can cause oil starvation to crankshafts, bearings, camshafts, and other valve train components not be lubricated. In time, this can cause major damage to the engine and, in the worst situations, require an engine replacement or rebuild,” according to

It makes sense to make sure you keep up with your oil changes. It doesn’t take very long and it’s economical, especially when you factor in the potential savings of a broken engine.

If you don’t have a trusted Wichita auto care technician to do the oil change, get to know the guys at Tracy’s Automotive.

Tracy’s Automotive is here to help you. If you don’t have time or feel you can take your car to the shop, Tracy’s Automotive will pick it up at your home or work. Then, after your car is serviced or repaired, Tracy’s Automotive will bring it back to you thoroughly cleaned.

Tracy’s passion for a better tire buying, auto care and auto repair experience drove us to develop the model of Tracy’s Automotive Tire Pros. Tracy’s has turned hard work and inspiration into a booming tire and auto repair provider. Now Tracy’s has three locations and serves customers all over Wichita and Goddard – Maple Street auto care and auto repair, E First Street N and W 21st Street N.Tracy’s is thrilled to be a part of your family’s trusted brands for all auto repair and tire needs.

Tracy’s Automotive is a proud dealer for Jasper Engines and Vogue Performance Exhaust systems.

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