Shimmy, Shimmy Shake | Maple Street Brakes

Shimmy, Shimmy Shake | Maple Street Brakes

Tracy’s Automotive can fix your car if it shakes when you brake.

You first noticed the shaking when you were on your way home from the Wind Surge game the other evening. When you pressed on the brake pedal, your car began shaking.

As points out, the problem is likely with your brake system: “Far and away the most likely cause of car shake when you brake is a problem with the braking system itself. … If your car shakes only when it brakes, the first place to look is at the brakes themselves. Most often that’s where you’ll find the problem.”

The most likely cause is a damaged rotor, according to Another common issue is an out-of-round drum in the case of drum brakes.

Shaking can be caused by problems elsewhere, such as damaged steering, a wheel out of alignment, a damaged axle shaft, or an unbalanced wheel, but if that’s the case, the shaking usually happens the entire time the car is running not just when you apply the brakes.

Your best move is to take your car to a trusted Wichita brake technician to have it examined and repaired. You can find a reliable Wichita brake specialist at Tracy’s Automotive.

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Tracy’s Automotive is a proud dealer for Jasper Engines and Vogue Performance Exhaust systems.

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