Watch Your Catalytic Converter | Maple Street Auto Repair

Watch Your Catalytic Converter | Maple Street Auto Repair

Tracy’s Automotive can help you if you need a new catalytic converter.

Catalytic converters have been in the news across the U.S. recently because of the high incidence of theft. Wichita has not been spared this crime. Crime Stoppers of Wichita-Sedgwick County recently issued a statement saying it was “seeking information regarding catalytic converter thefts in Wichita and the surrounding areas.”

Crime Stoppers noted that “thefts of catalytic converters have increased significantly in the last two years, with 500 cases being reported in 2020, 1,350 in 2021, and over 200 cases so far in 2022.”

The criminals aren’t after the devices themselves but the components. explains, “The devices are used to catalyze, or chemically convert harmful exhaust gases such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide from a car’s gas engine. Heat in the exhaust flow activates the process. Thieves target the emissions devices for the small amounts of precious metals inside, which typically include platinum, palladium and rhodium. The thieves often take stolen converters and sell them to metal recyclers, sometimes netting over $1,000 in cash depending on the converter. The metal recycler can then break the devices down and harvest the rare materials and sell them for a profit.”

Unfortunately, a catalytic converter is one of those things a car needs. If yours fails or you drive your car without one, the eventual result is a complete shutdown of your engine. So it’s a good idea to take good care of your catalytic converter. But even if you care for it, a catalytic converter can wear out or go bad. Among the symptoms of a failing catalytic converter, according to Sluggish engine performance, reduced acceleration, dark exhaust smoke, smell of sulfur or rotten eggs from the exhaust, and/or excessive heat under the vehicle.

If you need a new catalytic converter or yours needs to be repaired, you should consult the Wichita auto care technicians at Tracy’s Automotive.

Tracy’s passion for a better tire buying, auto care and auto repair experience drove us to develop the model of Tracy’s Automotive Tire Pros. Tracy’s has turned hard work and inspiration into a booming tire and auto repair provider. Now Tracy’s has three locations and serves customers all over Wichita and Goddard – Maple Street auto care and auto repair, E First Street N and W 21st Street N.Tracy’s is thrilled to be a part of your family’s trusted brands for all auto repair and tire needs.

Tracy’s Automotive is a proud dealer for Jasper Engines and Vogue Performance Exhaust systems.

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