My Car Is Pulling to One Side | Tires Maple Street

My Car Is Pulling to One Side |  Tires Maple Street

Tracy’s Automotive will help if your car is pulling to one side.

You were headed home from the Safari of Lights last night when you noticed that your car was pulling to one side when you pressed on the brake. And, pulling to one side is a classic sign of a car whose wheels are out of alignment. So, in this blog the experts at Tracy’s Tire Pros will look at the importance of proper wheel alignment for your car or truck.

What is a Wheel Alignment?

“Alignment refers to an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension – the system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. But, it is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves. Instead, the key to proper alignment is adjusting the angles of the tires. Because, this affects how they make contact with the road,” according to tire manufacturer Bridgestone.

Why Should My Tires Be Aligned?

Bridgestone explains why you should make sure your tires and wheels are aligned: “Tire alignment, also known as wheel alignment, can help your tires perform properly. And help them last longer. Plus, it can improve handling. And keep your vehicle from pulling in one direction or vibrating strangely on the road.

“There are a couple ways to tell if your car needs a tire alignment. For example, uneven tread wear, or vehicle pulling to the left or right. So if you’ve noticed one or more of these indicators, you should have your alignment checked by a licensed service technician immediately.

Find a trusted tire technician at Tracy’s Automotive.

Tracy’s Automotive is here to help you. But, if you don’t have time or feel you can take your car to the shop, Tracy’s Automotive will pick it up at your home or work. Then, after your car is serviced or repaired, Tracy’s Automotive will bring it back to you thoroughly cleaned.

Tracy’s passion for a better tire buying, auto care and auto repair experience drove us to develop the model of Tracy’s Automotive Tire Pros. They have turned hard work and inspiration into a booming tire and auto repair provider. And now Tracy’s has three locations and serves customers all over Wichita and Goddard – Maple Street auto care and auto repair, E First Street N and W 21st Street N.And they are thrilled to be a part of your family’s trusted brands for all auto repair and tire needs.

Tracy’s Automotive is a proud dealer for Jasper Engines and Vogue Performance Exhaust systems.

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