Antifreeze or Coolant: What's the Difference?

Antifreeze or Coolant: What's the Difference?

Over time, the coolant in your engine can collect buildup and possibly clog your engine if it’s not regularly cleaned.

Now that things are opening up again, you took the kids to Exploration Place to give them something to do. And, you have to admit you enjoy the trip and generally manage to learn a bit yourself. But, one thing you didn’t learn and have always wondered about – is there a difference between antifreeze and coolant?

Yes, there is. explains: “Antifreeze, usually ethylene glycol, does not freeze easily. And it also does not boil easily. So, when it is added to water, it becomes coolant. And you can buy it separately and add it to the water in your radiator—usually aiming for a 50 percent antifreeze to 50 percent water ratio. Or you can buy it premixed, generally in that same ratio. And it is usually green or red.”

Antifreeze, or coolant, has two main duties: regulate the engine’s temperature and keep engine parts, such as the water pump, from corroding. 

Because coolant/antifreeze works to keep things lubricated and free from corrosion, it can become dirty over time as gunk and other sludge gather in the fluid. And this can clog and damage your engine if the system isn’t cleaned – or flushed – every so often.

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Regular Radiator Flushes are and Important Part of Good Vehicle Maintenance.

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