Uh, Oh, My Check Engine Light Is On | Wichita Auto Repair

Uh, Oh, My Check Engine Light Is On | Wichita Auto Repair

If you don’t feel comfortable taking your car or truck in for service or repair, call Tracy’s Automotive. Tracy’s Automotive will pick up your car or truck and return it thoroughly cleaned and repaired.

You went out over the weekend to pick up flowers and a take-home meal for Mother’s Day. But, on your way home, you noticed your check engine light had come on. You’re dreading the news of what’s wrong with your car.

True. A check engine light could mean that something is seriously wrong with your car. Or, it could be something simple like a loose gas cap. Most likely, according to the non-profit Car Care Council, is a faulty oxygen sensor.

Using data from the 2020 CarMD Vehicle Health Index, the council notes that this “relatively minor” repair is one of the most common reasons for a check engine light to come on. But, the council notes, this simple repair can be costly if it’s neglected: It can lead to “as much as 40 percent lower fuel efficiency, causing further damage to your vehicle’s exhaust system and adversely impacting the environment.”

The oxygen sensor, located in the exhaust system, monitors the amount of oxygen that is found in exhaust fumes.  Regular maintenance, including oil changes, is the best way to prevent an oxygen sensor malfunction.

“Vehicles with faulty oxygen sensors typically seem to drive and handle well, but the malfunction can dramatically decrease fuel efficiency and lead to costlier repairs if ignored,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “A faulty oxygen sensor means your vehicle is emitting more pollutants and if the check engine light is illuminated, it may not pass vehicle emissions testing in those states requiring it for vehicle registration.”

White adds, “It is important that car owners check the reason for an illuminated check engine light without delay and make necessary maintenance to avoid more costly repairs, like catalytic converter replacement, down the road. If you find your vehicle needs service, call your trusted local repair shop as automotive repair is considered an essential service.”

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