A Car Can Develop Problems While It Sits | Wichita Auto Care

A Car Can Develop Problems While It Sits | Wichita Auto Care

When you’re not driving your car as often, it’s easy to forget that it needs care. For auto care you can trust, go to Tracy’s Automotive. Tracy’s Automotive is open and ready to help you.

You’re doing your best to stay safer-at-home as required. You’re one of the lucky ones who can work remotely. But there are issues. Having family members on top of each other 24/7 can be irritating. And, then there’s the boredom.

There’s also your car. As cars.com points out, “If you’re not a regular driver of your car, it can be easy to feel disconnected from the mechanics of the thing. Out of sight, out of mind, right?”

No, that’s not the case. Cars are meant to be driven and sitting for long periods is not good for them.

Among the problems caused by allowing your car to simply sit for long periods, according to cars.com:

  • Batteries slowly lose their charge when they sit idle and starting the car will drain it even more. That is one reason you want to drive several miles afterward, so the battery has a chance to recharge. If a car sits parked for a month or more, the battery may lose so much power that it will need a jump-start — or a charge before the engine will start.“
  • Tires slowly lose air under all conditions but especially during cold weather. As they do, the weight of the car keeps pressing down on the tires, which causes flat spots to develop on the segments sitting on the ground. Driving the car and adding air if necessary will usually make the tires round again, but letting the vehicle sit for extended periods on underinflated tires can cause permanent flat spots that you will be able to feel and hear when you drive.
  • “Rodents might take up residence under the hood or even in exhaust outlets. If they get hungry, some may munch on the wiring harnesses and other parts made of soy and other organic materials that are used on modern vehicles.”
  • Moisture can collect in the gas tank (especially if it isn’t full) and in the oil over time, and that can lead to corrosion.”

The best thing to do is drive – not just start it and let it run in your driveway – your car at least every two weeks.

But no matter how much care you take, your car can still develop engine or other trouble. If that’s the case, you need to call Tracy’s Automotive for help.

Tracy’s Automotive is working to make sure both you and your car are safe during this difficult time. A representative from Tracy’s Automotive will come pick up your car or truck and take it back to one of our three locations and make sure it’s well taken care of. Afterwards, Tracy’s Automotive will return your vehicle to you – all clean and ready to go. That’s right – we’ll pick up and deliver your car. It’s convenient. And, it keeps you safe at home or at your business.

Any questions about how it works? Give us a ring. We’re here to help you with that.

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