Look Ahead to Spring | Wichita Auto Care

Look Ahead to Spring | Wichita Auto Care

It’s the time of year when you need to start thinking about changing your tires from winter tires to summer tires. Your Wichita auto care specialists at Tracy’s Automotive can help you with that.

With an immediate weather outlook of damp and cold, it’s hard to believe that spring and summer are on the way. But they are, and with them comes that annual decision for many drivers of when to switch back to summer or non-winter tires. 

According to Toronto native and BF Goodrich spokesman Andrew Comrie-Picard, who was quoted in wheels.ca, that depends on the weather.

“I suggest you take the winters off when ambient temperatures that you drive in (remember it’s colder at night) are consistently above about 7 degrees centigrade [44.6 degrees Farenheit]  and there is little or no chance of a freak storm,” Comrie-Picard was quoted as saying.

Comrie-Picard added, “The main downside to leaving the winters on too long is that they will wear somewhat faster when the roads are warm AND dry”, but not to rush it, adding “I don’t want to be without winters when I most need them, so I tend to leave them on until there’s virtually no chance of a spring squall.”

The next question becomes – do I buy new summer tires or use the ones I had on the car when I switched last fall?

That depends. If your summer tires were worn or had cracks, low or no tread, or other issues, then spring is the perfect time to replace them. If you’re not sure, consult one of the Wichita auto care technicians at Tracy’s Automotive for help and advice.

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