Braking in Cold Weather | Wichita Auto Care

Braking in Cold Weather | Wichita Auto Care

The Wichita auto care experts at Tracy’s Automotive will help you make sure your brakes are ready for winter weather.

According to news reports, the Wichita area will see a break in the harsh weather that’s blanketed much of the country. But winter’s not over yet.

The recent bad weather has served as a warning for drivers to be prepared for the worst driving conditions and to be aware of the effect of winter and winter streets on the drivability of their cars and trucks. For example, the effect of winter weather on brakes and braking.

“When you’re driving on snow or ice, you’re putting a lot more pressure on your brakes than you would under normal driving conditions,” the National Motorists Association says.  “Cold temperatures, salty roads and the extra pressure you put on the brakes to stop on snowy roadways can all cause worn brakes to fail.”

The association says that the time to get your car’s brakes ready for winter is before the cold, ice, and snow hit. The group suggests you take these steps:

First, inspect your brakes. The group says, “Start by taking off your tires and visually checking your brakes and brake pads. Look for leaking brake fluid, uneven wear on the brake pads and signs of unnatural wear and tear on the brake rotors.  If you see any signs of wear, now is the time to change your brakes.”

Second, flush your brakes to get rid of dirty brake fluid because “even if the liquid itself doesn’t freeze, dirt and debris can make it harder for your brakes to actually stop your car.”

And, finally, check your rotors. The motorists group says, “Worn brake rotors — or drums, if you drive an older car that still has drum brake — can fail under these circumstances. …  Don’t go into your winter months with worn brake rotors or you’ll be calling lots of tow trucks throughout the snowy weather.”

These are all things a handy driver could do for him- or herself. But if you don’t enjoy such chores, don’t have the time, or simply want someone else to do it, then consult the trusted Wichita auto care technicians at Tracy’s Automotive. We can help you with that.

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