Waiting Until Your Gas Tank is Empty Before filling it Up?

Waiting Until Your Gas Tank is Empty Before filling it Up?

The Dangers of Pushing Your Luck

You were planning on taking the kids to the Tulip Festival at Botanica Wichita this April. And, the last you looked, your car had a half a take of gas. So, you figured you were good and didn’t plan on hitting the gas station until after the Festival. But, is it a good idea to push your luck and drive on fumes; is waiting until your car’s gas tank is on empty really a wise decision? Spoiler alert: it’s not. The experts at Tracy’s Tire Pros in Wichita dive into why.

Risk of Running Out of Gas

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why waiting until your gas tank is on empty is a bad idea. Because, when your fuel gauge is hovering near “E”, you’re essentially playing a game of chicken with your car’s fuel supply. And sure, modern cars often have a reserve of gas even after the gauge hits empty. But relying on this reserve is risky business. And, running out of gas can leave you stranded on the side of the road. Or leave you vulnerable to all sorts of dangers, from traffic accidents to inclement weather.

Damage to Fuel System

Always running your car on low fuel levels can cause long-term damage to your vehicle’s fuel system. Because, when your tank is nearly empty, the fuel pump has to work harder to draw gasoline from the bottom of the tank. And, over time, this can lead to premature wear and tear on the fuel pump. Even worse, it can potentially result in costly repairs down the line. Because, running on low fuel can cause sediment and debris that accumulate at the bottom of the tank. And this gunk can be sucked into the fuel system, increasing the risk of damage.

Increased Risk of Engine Damage

Running out of gas isn’t just inconvenient – it can also cause serious damage to your car’s engine. Because, when your car runs out of gas, the engine loses its power source, but it may continue to run on whatever fuel remains in the fuel lines and injectors. And this can cause the engine to misfire or even stall, damaging vital engine components. Furthermore, in some cases, running out of gas can result in a flooded engine, which can be difficult and costly to repair.

Compromised Safety

Driving with low fuel levels can compromise your safety on the road in more ways than one. For starters, running out of gas can leave you stranded in unfamiliar or unsafe areas. Additionally, low fuel levels can impair your ability to react in emergency situations. For example, if you suddenly need to accelerate to avoid a collision, a low fuel tank may prevent your car from responding as quickly as necessary.

Costly Consequences

Finally, waiting until your gas tank is on empty to fill it up can have financial consequences. Because, you risking expensive repairs to your car’s fuel system and engine. And you may also find yourself paying inflated prices for gas if you’re forced to fill up at a remote or unfamiliar gas station. Moreover, the time and inconvenience of being stranded without gas can add up quickly. And this is true especially if you miss important appointments or commitments as a result.

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Waiting until your car’s gas tank is on empty to fill it up is a risky proposition that can have serious consequences.

From the potential for engine damage to compromised safety on the road, there are plenty of reasons to keep your gas tank topped up. So next time you see that fuel gauge hovering near “E”, don’t push your luck – pull into the nearest gas station and fill ‘er up. Because your car – and your wallet – will thank you for it.

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