What NOT to Do When You Get a Flat Tire in the Snow

What NOT to Do When You Get a Flat Tire in the Snow

Navigating a Snowy Predicament 

The Wichita Eagle just reported that we have broken a 95-year-old record as snow continues to fall across Sedgwick County. And while the snow can be beautiful, it can also make driving a challenging experience. In fact, one of the last things you want to encounter on a snowy road is a flat tire. But, though you might know how you would handle this situation, it’s equally important to be aware of what NOT to do.

The Top 7 Things NOT to do When You Get a Flat Tire on a Snowy Road

Tracy’s Tire Pros’ number one priority is that our Wichita drivers are safe under all driving conditions. So in this blog, Tracy’s expert mechanics offer a guide on what actions to avoid when you find yourself with a flat tire on snowy roads. And, by avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be better equipped to handle the situation and get back on the road safely.

1. Don’t Panic

The first and most crucial piece of advice is not to panic. Because, panicking can cloud your judgment and lead to impulsive decisions. So take a deep breath, assess the situation, and remind yourself that you have the tools and knowledge to handle a flat tire in the snow.

2. Don’t Stop in a Dangerous Location

When you realize you have a flat tire, resist the urge to stop immediately in the middle of the road or on a busy highway. Instead, try to find a safe and well-lit location to pull over, away from oncoming traffic. Because, stopping abruptly in a hazardous spot increases the risk of accidents and complicates the situation.

3. Don’t Forget to Signal

Whether you’re slowing down or changing lanes to reach a safer location, always use your turn signals. Because, other drivers on the snowy road may not have optimal visibility, so signaling your intentions in advance is crucial for everyone’s safety.

4. Don’t Neglect Safety Measures

Once you’ve safely pulled over, turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers about your situation. This is especially important in snowy conditions when visibility is reduced. Additionally, make sure to set up reflective triangles or flares if you have them, creating a visible safety zone around your vehicle.

5. Don’t Attempt to Change a Tire in an Unsafe Area

Changing a flat tire in the snow can be challenging, and attempting to do so in a hazardous location makes it even riskier. So, avoid changing the tire on the side of a busy road or in a place with poor visibility. Instead, focus on getting to a safer location before attempting any repairs.

6. Don’t Forget to Check Your Surroundings

Before stepping out of your vehicle, check your surroundings for potential dangers. Look out for oncoming traffic, icy patches, or any obstacles that could pose a threat. Because, being aware of your environment is crucial for your safety and the safety of others.

7. Don’t Use Improper Tools

Using inadequate tools or attempting makeshift solutions may cause more harm than good. For example, avoid using items like rocks or branches to support your vehicle. Stick to the proper tools provided with your car’s spare tire kit, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe tire replacement.

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Your Safety in Our #1 Commitment

Encountering a flat tire in snowy conditions can be stressful, but maintaining a calm and strategic approach is key to a safe resolution. And Tracy’s Tire Pro and Automotive in Wichita wants you to remember, safety should always be your top priority when facing unexpected challenges on winter roads.

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