Safe Choices: What to Do If You've Had One Too Many and are Thinking of Driving

Safe Choices: What to Do If You've Had One Too Many and are Thinking of Driving

It’s October! And that means OctoberFest.  This weekend is the ICT Bloktoberfest at Naftzger Park. A fun time, for sure. But, what if you wind up drinking too much and are thinking about driving home?

The short answer is: DON’T!

We all know that drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal, yet sometimes, despite our best intentions, we find ourselves in situations where we’ve had a few too many drinks and need to get home. In these moments, it’s crucial to make responsible choices to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road. The experts at Tracy’s Automotive in Wichita discuss the steps you should take if you’ve consumed alcohol and find yourself in a position where you need to drive home.

  1. Assess Your Condition. Before making any decisions, take a moment to assess your condition honestly. Are you impaired? Alcohol can impair your judgment, coordination, and reaction time. If you’re unsure whether you’re fit to drive, err on the side of caution. Remember that even a small amount of alcohol can affect your ability to drive safely.
  2. Decide on a Friend to be a Designated Drive BEFORE you head to Festivities.  If you’re out with friends, let someone who hasn’t been drinking be your designated driver. Plan ahead and make sure you have a sober driver before you start drinking.
  3. Public Transportation or Rideshare: Utilize public transportation, taxi services, or ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft to get home safely. These services are widely available and can be a convenient and responsible choice. It’s a small price to pay for ensuring everyone’s safety. Always have a backup plan in your phone contacts for taxi companies or rideshare apps in case you need them.
  4. Wait It Out or Stay the Night: If none of the above options are available, your best course of action is to wait until you are sober enough to drive safely. This can take several hours, depending on how much alcohol you’ve consumed. Find a safe place to wait, sober up, and only get behind the wheel once you are confident in your ability to drive safely.

Drinking and driving is never a responsible choice. If you are making plans to go out and think that you may find yourself in a situation where you’ve consumed alcohol and need to drive home, then include in your plans a safe way to get home… whether that be a designated driver, rideshare, or staying the night in a hotel. Remember that the consequences of drinking and driving can be severe, including accidents, injuries, legal issues, and even loss of life. It’s always better to make the responsible choice to protect yourself and others on the road.

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