That Noise Is Telling You Something | Wichita Auto Care

That Noise Is Telling You Something | Wichita Auto Care

Those noises you’re hearing could indicate a problem with your car’s suspension. It’s time to visit the reliable Wichita auto care technicians at Tracy’s Automotive.

It’s not really surprising that you might hit a pothole or two while driving around Wichita. A report earlier this year noted that “Wichita Public Works employees are patching 50,000 to 60,000 potholes per year proactively using a cold mix of asphalt.”

It’s good news that the city is working to fix the potholes. But, the potholes are bad news for the suspension systems on cars and trucks.

Suspension components, including springs, shock absorbers (or struts on some vehicles), anti-roll bars, control arms and other parts, are like combat troops serving on the front lines: They take a pounding daily from potholed streets, railroad tracks, rain, snow, road salt, gravel, all manner of dirt and grime, and the occasional piece of scrap metal or other debris that drivers see too late to avoid,” according to adds, “Under those conditions, just about any part of a suspension system can be damaged or worn out from years of abuse.”

How do you know if your suspension system is damaged? Well, the prime way is your ride: How comfortable is it? Does your car pull to one side? Does your car bounce a lot when going over bumps?

But there are also noises that can clue you into a problem, says

  • A knocking sound when going over bumps could indicate bad struts.
  • Squeaking and creaking, especially when turning, could indicate bad ball joints.
  • Clunking or rattling could mean a problem with your control arms.

If you’re having any handling problems, or your ride isn’t comfortable, or you hear any odd noises, it’s time to find a trusted Wichita auto care specialist like the certified Wichita auto care experts at Tracy’s Automotive.

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